How I Do History: Jessica Miller

I’m working on my thesis to complete a master’s in American History; I work as an archivist by day and as a pub crawl tour guide by night, and in my free time, I volunteer at museums. My career path has been and continues to be a very windy path fueled by a genuine love…More

How I Do History: Amanda Thompson

Welcome to our new weekly segment called, “How I Do History”! As history lovers we all have a passion for the past, but not everyone has a degree in history. It got us thinking – wouldn’t it be fun to learn what people actually did with their history degree? Today, I’d like to introduce to…More

#MistressMondays Presents: Nell Gwyn

Making a Monarch Merry While many mistresses in history have risen to popularity and fame, especially amongst their noble peers, Nell Gwyn stands out as a mistress who was beloved not just by her king, but by her country as well. As an historic figure, Nell was perfectly reflective of the time in which she…More

The Disappearance of Lady Mary Seymour

Originally written by Rebecca Larson for Born At Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire on 30 August 1548, Lady Mary Seymour was the long-awaited child of dowager queen Kateryn Parr, and her fourth husband Sir Thomas, Baron Seymour of Sudeley. The unexpected pregnancy left both parents overjoyed. In a letter from 9 June 1548, Thomas Seymour…More

Boy Meets Girl: Katharine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor

by Heather R. Darsie On 4 November 1501, a fifteen-year-old girl made her entrance into England to marry the fifteen-year-old prince of that kingdom. Their parents, especially the boy’s, hoped that the dynastic marriage would secure the future of their family on the throne. Much excitement surrounded the safe arrival of Katharine of Aragon from…More

#MistressMondays Present: Kosem Sultan

“The Enormous Mother” The early modern Ottoman Empire is marked by many women who held positions of influence even in a highly patriarchal society. While not allowed to rule outright, some women had a knack for finding the loopholes and exploiting them for personal gain. Perhaps the most iconic woman to play the system was…More

#MistressMondays Presents: Lola Montez

“The mistress heard round the world” would be a fitting nickname for Lola Montez. Her short 39 years of life were marked by grand romance, toppled governments, tragic duels, and maybe even murder! Wherever Lola went, chaos was sure to follow, though that never seemed to slow her down. If I’m being honest, the wonders…More

#MistressMonday Presents: Agnes Bernauer

“The Angel of Augsburg” There comes a time in any discussion of mistresses when a woman’s life is so horribly undocumented that it creates more folklore than actual fact. This week’s feature, Agnes Bernauer, is the epitome of this creative phenomenon. What is known to be fact about our fabulous mistress will be presented as…More

#MistressMondays Presents: The Ladies of “Lucky Lindy”

In the age of DNA tests and finding lost family members, stories of “second families” are more and more common. However, for those who have that bittersweet realization, it is rarely followed up with a “third” or “fourth” family discovery. Ever the over-achiever, Charles “Lucky” Lindbergh did just that and his many affairs burst at…More

#MistressMonday Presents: Hortense Mancini

“Love me right, or we’re gonna fight.”                              ~Hortense Mancini, probably This week’s mistress spotlight falls upon Hortense Mancini, an Italian aristocrat who was considered one of the most beautiful women alive in the 1660s-1680s, as well as one of the wealthiest. Her large fortune was gifted to her upon the death of her wealthy…More