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The History Lair team is a collective of history enthusiasts including: historians, authors, writers and podcasters.

Rebecca Larson


Rebecca is the owner of,, and She is also the host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast. Rebecca is passionate about history and loves to share what she has learned with others. Through her years of research and writing she has met some amazing writers, historians and podcasters – it is from that collection of amazingly talented people that she grew this team.

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Podcast: Tudors Dynasty Podcast

Heather R Darsie

Assistant Editor

Heather R Darsie focuses on Medieval and Early Modern history, particularly Germany under Charles V. She is the author of “Anna, Duchess of Cleves: The King’s Beloved Sister” and her second book is set for release next year.


Our Expert Team of Contributors

(Alphabetical by first name)


Annie Whitehead

Expert Contributor

Annie Whitehead studied History under the eminent Medievalist Ann Williams. She is a member of the Royal Historical Society and an editor for EHFA (English Historical Fiction Authors.) She has written three award-winning novels set in Anglo-Saxon England, including To Be A Queen, the story of  Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, daughter of Alfred the Great. She writes nonfiction too and Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom was published by Amberley Books in 2018. She has contributed to fiction and nonfiction anthologies and written for various magazines, including winning the New Writer Magazine Prose Competition. She was the winner of the inaugural Historical Writers’ Association/Dorothy Dunnett Prize 2017. She has recently been a judge for that same competition, and for the HNS (Historical Novel Society) Short Story Competition. Her latest book, Women of Power in Anglo-Saxon England, is published by Pen & Sword Books.  



Caroline Angus

Expert Contributor

Caroline is an author and historian specializing in the 15th and 16th centuries. She studied Spanish History at the University of Valencia, and completed three novels on the Spanish Civil War and following dictatorship before moving into 16th century English politics. Caroline has comprehensive website, and can be found on Twitter (@Writer_Caroline), Instagram (@Writer_Caroline) and Facebook (Caroline Angus).


Christine Morgan

Expert Contributor

Christine Morgan is an historian and adjunct History Instructor in Charlotte, NC. She holds an MA in History from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Christine launched the web series, Untitled History Project in 2017. For this series,  she researched, produced, and hosted two seasons of history shows. She also hosts “The Real Spanish Princess” podcast, which reviews and fact-checks the Starz TV series, The Spanish Princess. Recently, she published articles in Medieval Magazine and Medieval Warfare Magazine. Her historic interests are centered around royal women and mistresses and their pursuits of power in the Early Modern era. Christine is currently researching how Medieval and Early Modern queens used mythology as propaganda in an effort to nation build.

Twitter: @mschristinemo


Dr Estelle Paranque

Expert Contributor

Dr Estelle Paranque is Lecturer in Early Modern History at New College of the Humanities at Northeastern, and an Honorary Research Fellow within the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick. She is the author of Elizabeth I of England Through Valois Eyes: Power, Representation, and Diplomacy in the Reign of the Queen, 1558-1588 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) and has published several essays on Elizabeth I, French monarchs, and other European queens.

Twitter: @DrEstellePrnq

Gareth Russell

Expert Contributor

Educated at Oxford University and Queen’s University, Belfast, Gareth Russell is a historian, novelist, and playwright. He is the author of The Ship of Dreams, Young and Damned and Fair, The Emperors, and An Illustrated Introduction to the Tudors. He lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jessica Cale

Expert Contributor

Educated at Oxford University and Queen’s University, Belfast, Jessica Cale is a historian, editor, and award-winning historical romance author. She earned her BA in Ancient and Medieval History and MFA in Creative and Media Writing at Swansea University in Wales. Jessica was a regular writer for BBC History Magazine during university, and now she edits the popular history blog Dirty, Sexy History. Watch for her as a guest historian in Lost Pirate Kingdom, out this year on Netflix.

Kathryn Warner

Expert Contributor

Kathryn Warner holds two degrees in medieval history from the University of Manchester, and is a historian of the fourteenth century, specializing in the reign of Edward II. She has appeared in TV documentaries, has given a paper at the International Medieval Congress, and often gives talks about Edward to conferences, symposiums and history societies.

Website & List of Books:

Dr Linda Porter

Expert Contributor

I was born in Exeter, brought up in Kent and am a graduate of the University of York, from which I hold a BA and D. Phil in History. In a varied career, I have lived in Paris and New York, worked as a university lecturer and spent over twenty years in the corporate world. I’ve written five books, all published to critical acclaim. The latest, ‘Mistresses, sex and scandal at the court of Charles II’, came out in April 2020. My specialization is the 16th -18th centuries, with particular emphasis on the Tudors, the Stuarts and the French Revolution. I am a regular reviewer for the Literary Review and BBC History Magazine and have spoken at many literary festivals.


Matthew Lewis

Expert Contributor

Matt is a writer and historian of the medieval period with a particular focus on the Wars of the Roses and Richard III. Matt is the author of several non-fiction books and biographies as well as two historical fiction novels. He operates a blog and can often be found on Twitter (@MattLewisAuthor), Facebook (MattLewisAuthor), Instagram (@MattLewisHistory) and YouTube (Matt Lewis).


Melanie V Taylor

Resident Art Historian

Mell Taylor lives in the U.K. and has a Bachelor’s degree in the History of Art, Architecture & Design and a Master of Arts degree in Medieval & Tudor Studies. As a freelance lecturer she has delivered courses on the exchange of ideas between the artists of the Northern and Southern Renaissance; Hans Holbein The Younger; the Life and Work of Nicholas Hilliard; The Tudor Portrait miniature; Giotto & Van Eyck to Michelangelo & Hans Holbein the Younger; The Italian High Renaissance & Mannerism 1500 – 1600; The Normans in Europe; The Albigensian Crusade; The Rise of the Venetian Republic; The Reconquest of Spain; the Marketing of Monarchy, Elizabeth I – The Making of Gloriana; Symbolism in 17th century Dutch Art and the finally, the 19th century Impressionist paintings as evidence of social change.

She is also commissioned to research artists, subject matter and where possible provenance of paintings. In addition, Mell has presented papers at academic conferences on the visual evidence of trade in illuminated manuscripts of between 12th and 16th centuries.


Michèle Schindler

Expert Contributor

Michèle Schindler studied at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, reading English Studies and history with a focus on mediaeval studies. At the same time she worked as a language teacher, teaching English and German as a second language. In addition to English and German, she is fluent in French, and reads Latin.

Find Michèle’s book here:

Nathen Amin

Expert Contributor

Nathen Amin is an author from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, who focuses on the 15th Century and the reign of Henry VII. He wrote ‘Tudor Wales’ in 2014 and ‘York Pubs’ in 2016, followed by the first full-length biography of the Beaufort family, ‘The House of Beaufort’ in 2017, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in three historical categories (Wars of the Roses, Norman England, and The Plantagenets & Medieval History). His fourth book, ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders; Simnel, Warbeck and Warwick’, is due for release in 2020.

Nathen is an experienced public speaker, presenting talks on the Beauforts, Wars of the Roses, and Henry VII, for several societies and book festivals, including the BBC History Weekend, Essex Book Festival, Oundle Festival of Literature, Lancaster Historical Writing Festival, Bosworth Medieval Festival, Barnet Medieval Festival, Richard III Society, and as guest expert for Alison Weir Talks. He has also featured on BBC radio and television, as well as in print and online media across the UK @NathenAmin



Nicola Cornick

Expert Contributor

Nicola Cornick is the bestselling author of dual-time mysteries and a historian specialising in Public History and the development of myths and legends. She studied at London University and Ruskin College Oxford, works as a guide and researcher for the National Trust at Ashdown House in Oxfordshire and is a trustee of the Friends of Lydiard Park, Swindon.


Sharon Bennett Connnolly

Expert Contributor

Sharon Bennett Connolly, has been fascinated by history her whole life. She has studied history academically and just for fun – and even worked as a tour guide at historical sites. For Christmas 2014, her husband gave her a blog as a gift – – and Sharon started researching and writing about the stories that have always fascinated concentrating on medieval women.  She has just published Ladies of Magna Carta: Women of Influence in Thirteenth Century England, her third non-fiction book, and is also the author of Heroines of the Medieval World and Silk and the Sword: The Women of the Norman Conquest. Sharon regularly gives talks on women’s history, she is a feature writer for All About History magazine and her TV work includes Australian Television’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’



Susan Abernethy

Expert Contributor

Susan Abernethy has a degree in history and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association. Her blog, The Freelance History Writer has been continuously publishing historical articles since 2012, with an emphasis on European, Tudor, medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern and Women’s history. She is currently working on a biography of a prominent Stuart royal.



Research Team

Cara Zarate


Cara has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Florida State University. Her interest in history began in 5th grade and grows every day. She has a passion for the history of England, especially the Tudor era. She is very excited to be a team researcher for History Lair!



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