The Most Notorious French Royal Ménage à Trois

Written by Expert Contributor, Dr Estelle Paranque It was on a chill autumn day that Catherine de Medici entered the port of Marseilles, dressed brilliantly in gold and rare sparkling gems, her coach draped in luxurious black velvet. Catherine ­– the niece of Pope Clement VII – was a sight to behold, and having beenContinue reading “The Most Notorious French Royal Ménage à Trois”

Women Behind Their Men: Anne Lovell

Written by Expert Contributor Michele Schindler The discovery of Richard III`s remains in a car park in Leicester, seven years ago, has caused a surge of interest not only in the life of this controversial monarch, but also in his contemporaries. A particularly positive trend during these last years has been the interest showed inContinue reading “Women Behind Their Men: Anne Lovell”

The Devil’s Brood

Written by Matthew Lewis The Plantagenet dynasty remains England and Britain’s longest reigning royal house, providing kings of England from Henry II’s accession in 1154 until Richard III’s death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Its beginnings were less than auspicious, though, and the dynasty that began with the Henry II, first Angevin KingContinue reading “The Devil’s Brood”

England’s Only Half-Spanish King: Edward II

by Expert Contributor, Kathryn Warner Edward II ruled as king of England from July 1307 to January 1327, and is remembered as one of the country’s most unsuccessful – if not the most unsuccessful – kings in history. He was the first to be forced to abdicate his throne, and the nineteen and a half years ofContinue reading “England’s Only Half-Spanish King: Edward II”