Boy Meets Girl: Katharine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor

by Heather R. Darsie On 4 November 1501, a fifteen-year-old girl made her entrance into England to marry the fifteen-year-old prince of that kingdom. Their parents, especially the boy’s, hoped that the dynastic marriage would secure the future of their family on the throne. Much excitement surrounded the safe arrival of Katharine of Aragon from…More

The Origins of the Tudor Portrait Miniature

Written by Resident Art Historian, Melanie V Taylor For those not familiar with the genre of the portrait miniature, let us first consider why and when these first became popular in England, and the various artists creating these images for the Tudor court. The half millennium saw a marked change from the religious themes of…More

Happy Birthday, Anna of Cleves and Henry VIII!

by Expert Contributor Heather R. Darsie On this day of 28 June in 1515, a little baby girl was born in the Holy Roman Empire whose life would be dramatically shaped by international politics. The baby was christened, “Anna,” after her paternal aunt. “Anna” was a family name on her maternal side, as well. Anna…More

Ten Medieval Royal English Weddings

Written by Expert Contributor Susan Abernethy The listed marriages are in no particular sequence of importance, and are listed in chronological order. I’ve relied on only one particular criteria in choosing these events. Which marriages had significant political consequences? Emma of Normandy, Wife of Aethelred the Unready and the Viking King Cnut Emma of Normandy was…More