Ela of Salisbury, ‘the venerable Ela’

By Expert Contributor, Sharon Bennett Connolly While writing Ladies of Magna Carta I came across the stories of many incredible women, one of the most remarkable was Ela of Salisbury, an heiress who was countess in her own right, was only the second ever female sheriff in England, and a respected abbess who once foundedContinue reading “Ela of Salisbury, ‘the venerable Ela’”

Nicholaa de la Haye: The Woman Who Saved England

written by Expert Contributor, Sharon Bennett Connolly Nicholaa de la Haye is one of those very rare women in English history. She is renowned for her abilities, rather than her family and connections. In a time when men fought and women stayed home, Nicholaa de la Haye held Lincoln Castle against all-comers. Her strength and tenacity saved EnglandContinue reading “Nicholaa de la Haye: The Woman Who Saved England”

Ten Medieval Royal English Weddings

Written by Expert Contributor Susan Abernethy The listed marriages are in no particular sequence of importance, and are listed in chronological order. I’ve relied on only one particular criteria in choosing these events. Which marriages had significant political consequences? Emma of Normandy, Wife of Aethelred the Unready and the Viking King Cnut Emma of Normandy wasContinue reading “Ten Medieval Royal English Weddings”