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How I Do History: Jessica Miller

I’m working on my thesis to complete a master’s in American History; I work as an archivist by day and as a pub crawl tour guide by night, and in my free time, I volunteer at museums. My career path has been and continues to be a very windy path fueled by a genuine love…More

How I Do History: Amanda Thompson

Welcome to our new weekly segment called, “How I Do History”! As history lovers we all have a passion for the past, but not everyone has a degree in history. It got us thinking – wouldn’t it be fun to learn what people actually did with their history degree? Today, I’d like to introduce to…More

#MistressMondays Presents: Nell Gwyn

Making a Monarch Merry While many mistresses in history have risen to popularity and fame, especially amongst their noble peers, Nell Gwyn stands out as a mistress who was beloved not just by her king, but by her country as well. As an historic figure, Nell was perfectly reflective of the time in which she…More

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