Rebecca Larson

Five years ago, I started a website called TudorsDynasty.com and soon after started one on the Plantagenents as well as the Stuarts. In February 2017, after much encouragement, I created the Tudors Dynasty Podcast.

My family would tell you that my love of history is out of control. They would tell you that I spend too much time emersed in history. That I spend too much money on books and primary sources. This is my passion. I love history. I love learning about characters from the past and sharing their stories with you!

I am not a classically trained historian, but I do call myself a historian. Throughout the years I have been mentored by some amazing people who ARE trained historians, and who have taught me how to learn the way that they were taught. My passion is what drives me. I started out just like you – so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Another thing that I would love to do is help other aspiring bloggers and podcasters. If you are interested in beginning a blog, please check out my “packages” section in my menu.

Already have a podcast but need assistance with editing? I’m your gal! I have the necessary software and experience to assist you in making a great sounding podcast.

Are you an author and want to have your book promoted? Contact me!

But most of all….thank you. Thank you for supporting me since 2015 and thank you for being a friend.

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